There are two types of car monitors. One is a TV placed on the bus, which is essentially a car TV. The other is a small-size car monitor with 3.5 inches, 4.3 inches, 7 inches and 9 inches, and there are generally two channels of video. Input, one way can be used for car DVD, the other way is used for reversing video car camera, and some also have MP5 video playback and Bluetooth function, which can be used in the display of similar sports tools in cars, which is convenient for use in car sports. Car TV is simply the mobile reception of digital TV (different from digital TV), which mainly includes set-top box, LCD screen, antenna, car power supply, etc. In order to facilitate the installation and use, various types of mobile TV products have been developed, such as desktop car TVs, baffle car TVs, top-suction car TVs, and rearview mirror displays.
Vehicle-mounted display devices are usually LCD screens, with external sound, readable SD card, USB and Bluetooth functions. The car navigator’s car monitor has an incoming call voice reporting function. This is because the LCD screen is relatively small and easy to install. It can be installed near the instrument panel, on the roof, behind the seat back, or even on the sun visor for easy viewing. Used in various situations. In addition, vehicle-mounted display devices often integrate other functions, such as simple power amplifiers, TV receiving functions, audio output, etc., with more types and functions than TVs or computer monitors.

Post time: Aug-06-2020